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Biology Professor awarded $170,700 NSF Grant over three years
By Buff Lindau

Saint Michael's students and students from the University of Tennessee and from City University of New York at Staten Island will be helping their professors in a project to examine the impact of transporters inside cells on successful germination of rice seeds. Principal investigator Mark Lubkowitz, associate professor of biology at Saint Michael's College, has been awarded a $170,700 grant over three years from the National Science Foundation, as announced April 10, 2007.   
                                                                                   Dr. Mark Lubkowitz           The collaborative research project, officially titled              
"The role of oligopeptide transporters in germinat-
ing rice seeds," will be directed by Professor Lubkowitz at Saint Michael's, with parts of the study being carried out by his co-investigators from Tennessee and CUNY.

Professor Lubkowitz, who earned his doctorate at the University of Tennessee and is now in his seventh year at Saint Michael's College, described the grant as having the potential to affect plant reproductive success through increasing our understanding of amino acid unloading. This knowledge, he said, could enhance future breeding practices and transgenic technologies in cereal crops.

Undergraduate student researchers at the three participating institutions will carry out much of the work of the research project, thereby learning their way into serious laboratory work. Professor Lubkowitz's students will complete the plant molecular biology components of the project.

Professor Lubkowitz and his wife Ginger reside in Richmond, Vt., with their two children.

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