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Q & A with a biology major





Chelsea Myers '11

Colchester, VT

Career Interests:
Medical Doctor


What has your Saint Michael's experience, particularly your experience as a biology major, been like? I entered St. Michael�s College as a biology major, and through both triumphs and struggles, my experiences have only made my love for the sciences flourish. I have had wonderful experiences with dedicated faculty and peers who share in the same passion for the world around them that I have. I have embraced the opportunities that allow biology students to test the waters in the intimate connections between the chemical world and the broad view of human biology. I am thankful that the biology requirements nudge students to explore the sciences through many different lenses and have been blown away by the intricate overlaps of the variety of subjects that I have dabbled in, something that will undoubtedly be useful in my future endeavors in the medical field. Come May, I will graduate with a greater sense of scientific reasoning, critical thinking skills, and an ever-developing view of the world around me.

What additional activities did you pursue related to the biology major? This past summer, I was awarded a generous grant to pursue a faculty-advised project based on a self-selected topic in the blooming field of Evolutionary Medicine. I spent the summer learning valuable lab techniques and beginning to look at my specific question. I was guided by Professors Doug Green and Donna Bozzone, two wonderful advisors and mentors who made my summer educationally enriching and a lot of fun, too. I will continue working on this project until the Research Symposium, at which I will present the findings of my research to the St. Michael�s community. I also had the opportunity to be a TA for Comparative Anatomy Lab and enjoyed the opportunity to further my knowledge of anatomy and dissection while being a useful resource for my peers. Finally, I was inducted as a charter member of the Biology Honors Society, BBB, my junior year and have actively participated in developing the foundations for what hopefully will be a longstanding society for future biology enthusiasts at St. Michael�s College.

What are your post-graduate plans? I plan to take the next year off and spend the summer working on my medical school applications and studying for the MCAT. In the meantime, I have been looking into and applying for internships/jobs in the healthcare field so that I can gain some clinical experience. I am also a Spanish minor and hope to apply my studies in the Spanish language and culture to my future endeavors. I look forward to the opportunities that life after St. Michael�s will bring me, but I will always be grateful for the holistic education I have been given here, especially through the wonderfully dynamic biology program.  



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