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Honoring the lasting contributions of two favorite Saint Michael's College biologists: announcing the Green-Bean fund

Prof. Doug Green





Prof. Dan Bean

Measuring the collective contributions of Professors Dan Bean and Doug Green to the careers of countless biologists would daunt even the most ambitious among us.  Suffice it to say that our two colleagues have earned the love and respect of their students and peers across the entire Saint Michael's College Community.

The Green-Bean Fund will be established in honor of Doug Green and Dan Bean, professors of Biology who served as longtime faculty members at Saint Michael's College. They both exhibited the best qualities of a college faculty member - they were dedicated to their students' learning and development as scientists. They encouraged student inquiry and discovery, and constantly challenged their students to take advantage of every opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural world. The proceeds from this fund will be used to meet the needs of students in the Biology Department in ways that would support the goals and ideals of Professors Green and Bean. The specific allocations will be determined by the department chair, in consultation with members of the department, but generally will support student learning, experience, and professional development in the biological sciences.

Follow this link to contribute; remember to specify the fund name.



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