Lessons from China:
America in the Minds and Hearts of the World’s Most Important Rising Generation

Graduate Seminar at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Lessons from China paints a vivid portrait of China's rising generation of university students.  This cadre is remarkably unlike any that has emerged before; saturated with Western culture and an explosion of  Internet information, they face a future that is entirely uncharted. Each chapter follows these students as they reflect on American history and culture in homework assignments and class discussions.  Their core values and beliefs come into focus as they engage subjects including revolution, censorship, and women's rights.  Despite differences in education, ideology, and culture, all our students share one essential truth: their future and ours now are deeply intertwined.  Survival, and success, will depend on how well we can learn to understand each other’s historical and present realities.

Chapter Outline


Our apartment in Guangzhou Guangzhou Scenes Tourist Day in Guangzhou
Hike up Baiyun Mountain Shantou Lecture Trip Guilin Lecture Trip
Interesting Food day in Guangzhou Friday Night at Fancun Tea Market Visit to Foshan
Shaxi, MaPingGuan, and Lijiang Banquet in Qingdao Visit to Macao
January at GDUFS - Exam Time Museum Field Trip with Seminar Students Last Pictures
Urumqi Mom and Dad Visit