Content Objectives

Upon the completion of this WebQuest,
students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the content by:

§         Documenting their “vacation” via email.  Emails should contain detailed information concerning monuments, regions, etc. visited.  They must also include observations and conclusions made regarding the political, linguistic, historical, economic, and cultural aspects of the country visited. 

§         Sharing their knowledge of the content by using PowerPoint to present to the class.  The presentation should be a reflection of the emails.  Students are required to precisely present observations and conclusions in order for the evaluator to accurately assess the content learned accurately. 


Language Objectives

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the English language by:

§         Sending a postcard to their friends/family.

§         Successfully completing an application for a visa.

§         Presenting in front of their peers using a professional register.  The presentation should also include appropriate voice intonation, correct grammar, and display a high level of English language proficiency.  Students must maintain eye contact, allowing their power point to merely supplement the presentation.  Students must not read their slides word for word.  Finally, they must submit a paper detailing their presentation.


Computer Literacy Objectives

 Students will be able to demonstrate computer literacy by:

§         Effectively and efficiently using and communicating via email.  Students should be encouraged to create folders for political, historical, economic, linguistic, and cultural observations, add attachments, and use varied fonts and colors in their emails. 

§         Effectively and efficiently use PowerPoint.  A successful PowerPoint presentation should include slides with animation and clip art.  This should serve to enhance the slides, not to detract from the information presented. 

§         Successfully downloading a visa application form from the Internet.


Cultural and Social Objectives

Students will meet cultural and social objectives by:

§   Cooperatively working in a group to gather and share information.  Students must exchange ideas, observations, and conclusions with the other members in their group in order to successfully complete their presentation.


§   Productive group work will also include the division of work among group members.


§   As students travel to different countries, they should become more culturally aware.  This awareness will be apparent through the conclusions they draw.  By reporting on political, linguistic, and cultural factors, students are expected to broaden their horizons.


Academic Objectives

Students will meet academic objectives by:

§        Working collaboratively and creatively in groups. 

§        Successfully completing an application for a Visa.

§        Comprehensively researching political, linguistic, historical, economic, and cultural aspects of the country visited.  This is vital to fostering cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity.

§        Consulting a variety of websites in order to collect unbiased information.

§        Relaying observations and conclusions via email using an appropriate register.

§         Presenting in front of peers using an appropriate register and demonstrating a high level of English proficiency.

§         Submitting an academic paper summarizing their project.


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