This WebQuest is designed for a class of about 12 to 15 students.  This is so groups of 3 are easily constructed. Groups may be formed as the teacher deems fit.  However, the creators of this WebQuest suggest allowing students to form their own groups. The students may then decide which group member visits a particular country. 

It is necessary to devote at least 4 class periods lasting 2 hours or more to the WebQuest.  Students need ample time to research their country by visiting links and gathering data.  It is also necessary that teachers inform students how to use PowerPoint and email.  This may be done prior to the students presentation.  There should also be links provided to students that explain the basics of PowerPoint.  Because of the technology required to complete the quest, it is important that teachers be relatively computer literate.  They should have a basic understanding of email, the Internet, and PowerPoint. 

Due to the individual group work required for this task, students may wish to complete some of the process outside of the classroom.  This means that although a computer lab setting would be beneficial, it is not imperative to carrying out the WebQuest. 

Teachers should also be wary of stereotypes.  It is important for students to report their findings without the use of derogatory stereotypes and misconceptions.  Therefore, the teacher may want to spend some time discussing the potential harm of generalizing an entire nation. 


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