Step 1:  Visa Application

At this point, you have chosen two other students to form a group of three.  Each member of a group should have a different country to visit USA, UK, or Australia.  Go to the Websites below to find out requirements to apply for a visa.  What do you need to apply for a visa?  Download the application form and fill in the form.

Visa application form (USA)
Visa application form (UK)
Visa application form (Australia)
Step 2: Sending a Postcard

Congratulations! Your visa application has been sent and processed, and your visa has been issued.  You also have flown to and arrived safely in your chosen country.  Now, send a postcard to your family or friends back home telling them that your have arrived safely in the country.

Use these links to locate electronic postcards.

Blue Mountain
123 Greetings

Step 3: Exploring the Country

Visit the provided sites, learn about them, and then answer the questions below.

  • What observations can you make about the culture of the country?
  • What can you report on the economics of the country?
  • What can you learn about history of the country?
  • What is interesting about the politics of the country?
  • What are some regional dialects of the country?

Then, via email, share what you have learned with your two friends who have visited other countries.

General Sites
World Englishes
General travel agencies

US Department of State
Class Brain

Info US

Travel in the UK
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Travel in Australia
Tourism Australia

Step 4: Group Presentation

Now, you have come back home and united again with the other two members of your group.  It is finally time for you to share with the class what you have learned during your stay in an English-speaking country.  Since other members of your group critiqued different countries, you might consider and present both differences and similarities you and your teammates found in the visited countries.  You need PowerPoint to do the group presentation.  To learn how to use PowerPoint, please go to these sites:

The last task your group has to do is putting together what you have just presented in writing.


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