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About the Learners

The information below should serve as a guide to those instructors

who wish to incorporate our WebQuest in their curriculum. 

We represent a diverse group of students, and we embrace varying levels of language proficiency.



  • nEnglish Language Proficiency: Beginning, Developing & Expanding (definitions for K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards, W.I.D.A.)

  • Possible Class Size: 4-20 students

  • Grade(s): 4th grade students will be our target audience, however the Quest can be modified for more mature groups of learners

  • Native Language Backgrounds: Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, French, etc.


“PreWebquisites” for students 

  • nTechnology experience:

    • Basic understanding of Windows ('98 or XP) and MS Word

    • Ability to navigate the Internet

    • Experience in downloading and printing pictures from Internet

  • English Language Proficiency:

    • Students must meet W.I.D.A. and State Standards for proficiency at the Beginning level (this can, of course, change if modifications to the Quest itself are made)

  • Individual and Class Objectives: Through carefully scaffolded activities (web and paper-based), students will create a mobile that will represent their understanding of a population's history, traditions and cultural significance.