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Attention ALL Educators! Now it is time for you to transition from teacher to technology-savvy facilitator!  You, yes you, shall be presented with a Quest of your own.  Our expectations embrace three ideas: preparation, facilitation and evaluation.  Each will require a great deal of work on your part, but that is why we are here to help you.

        You must 


Organization and Management:

Preview all relevant information in order to set context and build knowledge.

Use buddy or partner learning model (decide in advance which students will be paired together)

Identify appropriate graphic organizers (computer or paper-based) to be utilized throughout Quest

Establish a timeline [hyperlink] (if  you determine the one we have provided is not appropriate for your learners)


Basic understanding of Windows (98 or XP) and MS Word

Ability to navigate the Internet

Experience in downloading and printing pictures from Internet



Project-based learning and positive peer interaction are focal point of this Quest:

Identify your students needs well in advance and provide them with a variety of strategies, but do so with respect for group-centered learning.

Support the critical thinking exercises within this Quest by understanding that it is important for students to question, reflect and review (with the help of their group) before you offer advice.

Provide daily check-in opportunities for each group in the form of a K-W-L chart that can be saved by each student, completed, printed out, and submitted to the teacher after each period of research.


Every student and their group must be assessed, and we suggest that you utilize our  rubrics as a starting point.

Teacher's Page