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       Your class will be divided into groups of four.  Each group will be assigned a country to research.  With the members of your group, choose a role for each person from the list below.  You are responsible for investigating the country and sharing the information you find with your group.  You will be given some Internet resources to help you investigate the culture of your group’s country.  After you finish your research, your group will write a report and make a mobile to display your information.

What kind of food do people from this culture eat?  Do people in Vermont eat any of the foods from this country?  Find a recipe for a food from this country.
What language(s) do they speak?  Do we use any of the words from this language in English?  Find out how to say “Hello”, “Thank you” and “My name is ___________” in this language.
What are some examples of their traditional clothing?  Do people sometimes still wear these kinds of clothes today?  Find a picture of a person wearing this country’s traditional clothing. 
Where is this country located?  What are some of the reasons that people left this country to settle in the U.S.?  Find a map of this country showing the capitol and major cities.