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Step 1:

          After the teacher has assigned you a specific culture to investigate, meet with the          members of your group and choose a role from the ones below:

Food Fact Finder

Language Investigator

Clothing Consultant


You will have to evaluate how well your group worked together with a group work rubric.

Remember that the work you do as an individual is also important and will be checked using an individual evaluation.

Step 2:

         Visit the preliminary activities page and do some warm-up activities before you start                   your diversity investigation.

Step 3:

             Use the worksheet that corresponds with your role to help you organize your         information when you are doing your research:

Food Fact Finder Worksheet

Language Investigator Worksheet

Clothing Consultant Worksheet

Historian Worksheet

Step 4:

       Get together with your group again and create a mobile that will combine all of the information that you have gathered on the country you've been researching.   Make sure to look at the rubrics on the Evaluation Page that will be used to evaluate your work on the mobile before starting.                                                         

Step 5:

Present your mobile and share your findings with the class. Don't forget to rate how you think you did on the project, by doing the self-assessment rubrics:

Computer Skills Self-Evaluation

Final Self Evaluation