Before you start. . .

Before you begin the WebQuest, complete the following tasks to make sure that you have the skills and knowledge that you'll need to complete your quest:

Who Lives in America?

Make Your Own Immigration Graph to find out where your classmates are originally from and to see the number of immigrants who have moved to the U.S. from 1820-1998.

Interview an Immigrant

One of the best ways to understand the origins and experiences of immigrants in the U.S. and Vermont, is to interview someone who has emigrated from another country to the U.S.  Visit the Immigration Writing Workshop and follow the steps to create an oral history of an immigrant.  On this website,  you'll find good ideas for people to interview and step-by-step help in conducting your interview.  When you're finished, and your teacher has checked your work, you can publish your oral history online so that others can read it!  You'll also be able to read the oral histories that other students have published. 

Who Lives in Vermont?

Find out about the demographics of Vermont:

Vermont Quick Facts

Print the following worksheet and use the information from the above site to fill it out:

Vermont's Demographics

What's the capital city of. . . ?

Click here for an activity you can do to help you figure out the capital cities of the countries we are researching.   Print out and complete the Capital Cities Around the World word search. 

Are you a power proofreader?

To make sure that your proofreading skills are in good shape, visit this site and do some of the exercises:

Power Proofreading

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