Credits and References


The Humane Society of the United States


The Steps

  • Choose 5 pets to research.


  • Research in Pet Co Care Sheets, or other web sites like this one to see what supplies, costs, and time is involved in pet care of the 5 pets.


  • Collaboratively choose 3 pets to research more thoroughly.


  • Each team member brainstorms one unanswered question about their groups 3 pets. ex. (Does this breed of dog shed a lot?)


  • E-mail the 3 questions to a pet expert at the humane society or pet store.


  • Use the answer to narrow down the pet choices to the best 1. 


  • Incorporate all the information into a Power Point presentation (include graphics, animation, and sound.)


  • Present to class.  The criteria used to evaluate these presentation will be based on individual research, team collaboration and oral and PPT presentation skills.


  • Go to Evaluation to check out the rubrics that will be used in evaluating this project.