This WebQuest is designed to teach students about the responsibilities involved in owning  and caring for a pet.  

The WebQuest is designed for a High School ESL class in the United States.  This lesson will be taught over the course of one week in 5 one-hour periods.  It is a multidisciplinary lesson focusing on collaboration, computer skills, American culture, decision making skills, and presentation skills.

The 9 students in the class range in ages 16-18.  Their level of English proficiency is upper intermediate.  They come from mixed backgrounds, including Bosnian, Vietnamese, Indian, and Mexican. (The WebQuest can be altered to meet different ages/background/proficiency levels.)  

Previously the class has used computers for word processing, e-mail, and searching the internet.  Recently they have been introduced to PowerPoint and created their own PowerPoint presentations.

The goal of the class is to create a PowerPoint presentation about which pet they would like to have



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