Women's Health


In this page,  you will find three rubrics that will be used to evaluate your work on this project. 

    The first rubric will be used to see how well you perform in the Medical Terminologies Test.

    There will be 55 questions on the test and your final grade will  be given according to this scale:

Letter Grade

# of Correct Answers


A- 50-52
 B+ 47-49
B 44-46
 B- 42-43
C 39-41
F 0-40


The second rubric, Group Participation Rubric, is the one that you will use during your project. Click on Group Participation Rubric to get the form. Please use the form to evaluate your group members' participation. Please do not show this data to your classmates.


The Oral Presentation Rubric, will be used by the teacher during your presentation in order to assess your presentation skills. Click on Presentation Rubric to find the form.



So, what's my final grade?

Your final grade for this project will be the average of all three rubrics combined.