Women's Health


  • Content objectives

    *Students will increase their medical terminology                                                      with 80% accuracy after taking a Test.

    **Students will investigate the answers to their specific                                                     role questions

    *Students will demonstrate their medical knowledge by                                      presenting a PowerPoint presentation.


  • *Language objectives

**Students will demonstrate their writing skills by  producing  a PowerPoint presentation

 **Students will improve  their listening and speaking skills by doing a presentation.





**Students will increase their general  and medical vocabulary



  • *Computer literacy objectives

*Students will explore MS- PowerPoint.

*Students will create a PowerPoint presentation.


  • *Academic objectives

*Students will improve their interdisciplinary medical knowledge.



**Students will acquire research skills.

  • *Cultural/social objectives

*Students will develop their oral presentation skills in two ways

1.        **By reviewing Effective Presentations

2.        **By practicing their presentations in front of their respective groups and instructor  

**Students will demonstrate their oral skills (i.e. public speaking skills) by presenting a PowerPoint presentation

**Students will work collaboratively

**Students will develop their social skills during in-class group discussions