West African Art and Culture //Web Exhibitions Created by Students at St. Michael's College //Colchester, Vermont

The African Cultural Influence in Cuba
-Katie McKernan
Power of Women in
West Africa
-Arianne Bedard
To the Grave and Beyond:
-Kristen Smoragiewicz
The Material  Culture of Traditional African Settlements
-Ashley Pelletier
Motherhood in West Africa
-Maureen Cotter
Sande Society:
Art of the Mende Peoples
-Sonja Cole
Into Ancestorhood: Death as Continuity in West African Art
-Ruth Bernstein
Baule Spirit Spouse Figures  -Melissa Baikewicz Honoring the Head in Yoruba Art and Culture - Tina Ryan The Ibeji Cult of the Yoruba
-Caroline Queeny

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