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This website is a constant work in progress.  There have been many writers, photographers, web gurus, and outside contributors.  We have had taxonomic help from other scientists too numerous to mention.  Having said that we recognize that taxonomic and other errors do creep into a growing resource like this with multiple authors involved.  Any errors should be reported to Declan McCabe


Direct contributors to this site include:


Current web master and taxonomist: Erin Hayes-Pontius


Summer 2010 Undergraduate Interns Summer 2009 Undergraduate Interns Summer 2008 Undergraduate Interns

Tyler Gillingham

Erin Hayes-Pontius

Yeseira Lazzú

Bridget Levine

Ramón Peña

Janel Roberge

Natalia Santiago Merced

Kaitlyn Berry

Alexandra Canepa

Dan Caredeo

Brian Cunningham

Tyler Gillingham

Erin Hayes-Pontius

Bridget Levine

Natasha Skrzypek

Alexandra Canepa

Jacqueline Cote

Brian Cunningham

Erin Doyle

Whitney Hine

Ian Myers


Layout, art work, initial insect templates by Erin Letovsky, who also improved our taxonomic accuracy.


Templates and web support provided by Brian McDonald.


Web hosting by Saint Michael's College.


with gratitude to:

KathiJo Jankowski

Sallie Sheldon

Steve Fisk

Dr. Ross and Joyce Bell

Denise Martin

Feedback - Partner schools: send us specimens not included above.  Taxonomists: click to email: Declan McCabe
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