We are moving to Wikieducator! Please join us, use our sites and edit them to make them yours, create your own sites to streams we have not sampled. 

Our old web site will continue to exist, but all future tailored web sites will be placed on Wikieducator.  We are in the process of adding stream sites for schools active in the 2011/2012 season and will also add all of the old sites currently hosted here.  New features include:

Geo-referenced click-and-zoom street maps to each site

Vermont EPSCoR Stream codes on stream web sites

Teacher and student ability to add your own stream sites using our invertebrate templates, photographs, and/or your own.

 Teacher and student editing access to the sites we create. 

This site was designed to facilitate macroinvertebrates identification in stream sites being studied by our partner high schools in Vermont, New York, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico.  We are open to suggestion to improve the site and welcome your comments:   Contact Declan McCabe

The most commonly seen bugs in the rivers thus far can be found here:  Usual Suspects

Allen Brook

Baldwin Creek

Bartlett Brook

Beaver Brook

Branch Brook

Brewster River

Bully Brook

Cascades Brook

Centennial Brook

Cold Brook

Cold River

Deerfield River North Branch

East Orange Branch

Elmore Branch

Englesby Brook

Fall Brook

Fox Meadow Brook

French Hill Brook

Furnace Brook

Indian Brook

Halls Brook

Lamoille River

Lake Sunrise Outlet


Metawee River

Mill Brook

Miller's Run Tributary

Mud Creek

Munroe Brook

Otter Creek

Pine Brook

Pond Brook

Potash Brook


Roaring Brook

Rugg Brook

Ryder Brook

Seymour Brook

Shady Rill

Sheldon Brook


Sleeper's River

Snipe Island Brook

Stevens Brook (1)

Stevens Brook (2)

Stone Bridge Brook

Sunderland Brook

Troublesome Brook

Walloomsac River

Lake Champlain at Oakledge Park

Ponds at the Schoolhouse

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