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CREATE's Collaborative Action Projects Collaboration: The Heart of CREATE  

Since its inception, CREATE has been a collaboration between:

  • Faculty from Applied Linguistics and Education Departments

  • College faculty and teachers in our partner schools

  • ESOL teachers and content or  “gen ed”  teachers


Project CREATE: Curriculum Reform for All Teachers of English Language Learners

Applied Linguistics and Education  Departments

Saint Michael's College
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Colchester, VT 05439
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  Each year, guided by an overarching theme, teams comprised of both Applied Linguistics and Education faculty partnered with local teachers, have submitted proposals, researched and implemented their Collaborative Action Projects, then gathered as one large learning community at an annual conference to discuss findings and areas for further inquiry and collaboration.  In 2011, CREATE’s annual conference was held in conjunction with the tri-state Northern New England TESOL (NNETESOL) conference at Saint Michael's College, providing an opportunity for dissemination of ideas and resources across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


Our collaboration of linguists and general educators has been enhanced by the development of a shared language and shared conceptual framework based on genre-based pedagogy and systemic functional linguistics. These have provided a much-needed, critical focus on academic language. The CREATE Lecture Series brought experts in those fields to our campus in 2010 and 2011 to train our collaborative teams in the use of SFL in K-12 classrooms. Our 2012 events will disseminate these ideas and strategies even more broadly.



CREATE in 2012

May 21-25: Funded by CREATE, teacher educators from three states will gather to examine the increased demand for linguistic complexity in the newly adopted Common Core Standards, discuss the implementation of systemic functional linguistics to meet that demand, and discuss the integration of SFL into teacher education programs.









June 18-22: Sixteen educators from CREATE’s three partner school districts will take a graduate course funded and developed by CREATE to learn the implementation of systemic functional linguistics in K-12 classrooms.

June 25-29: As part of the Middle Grades Collaborative, CREATE will fund ten Vermont middle school educators for a week-long course developed by CREATE to examine the increased demand for linguistic complexity in the newly adopted Common Core Standards and learn SFL strategies to help their students master the  ‘language of schooling.’